Launching Wink in August 2014

What is Wink? Well, we have seen a void that needs to be filled, we get a lot of clients that want assistance with their website. They would love to “do-it-themselves” but don’t actually know how. Sure, there are lots of “free do-it-yourself-it’s-easy-!” companies out there, but there is always a catch when anything is “free”. That’s usually how we hear from clients, they try the free stuff and end up paying for support or their new site doesn’t do what they want it to do, or they don’t have time to learn a new software, or they just don’t like the way things look (it’s not easy designing a website).

Here is where Wink comes in, we get you started, get you all installed, help you with the look of your site, add in features if you want them and then once we are done, we send you video instructions on how to manage your site. You then load in all your content and information, then when you are ready to go live, you let us know and we will launch your site for you. We do all the heavy lifting and in the blink of an eye, you get a website, for a low, low cost, (wink).

If you are interested in hearing when we launch this new venture sign up below and we will be sure to let you know once we have launched.

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ADL Book V.3

Cover with about

We are very proud to have designed version 3.0 of ADL’s project book. This was a fun book to design and it was also the largest (240 pages)! We carefully designed pages, chapters and cover, making the time and effort all worth it. Below is a sneak peek at some of the inside pages

CEO to CEO Gets A Facelift


Sometimes a business just needs a little facelift. As your business grows it is wise to step back and take a look at your brand. See how others see you, and then decide if this is still the right direction you want your company to be perceived.

CEO to CEO did just that, they are growing, and fast. Robert Sher who is the founder and author of two books as well as a and contributor. Approached us because he was gearing up for the release of his second book and needed to “upgrade” his website. The previous site worked for a time but now the business really needed to be perceived as current, something the old site did not do. Take a look at the NEW vs. OLD below.