Web Development // Responsive Development

Artkade partnered with Basic 8 Creative and Whitehurst-Mosher to create a website that utilized the most current technology and functionalities. Allowing for quick load times and information at a glance.


Web Development
Responsive Design
Responsive Development



Artkade tackled two challenges. One was the need to come up with a creative and unique method to showcase the client’s projects and various services. Our other challenge was the design and development of a device friendly site.



Our solution to the first challenge was to use a carousel and full-width modal window for the Our Work section. This allows full use of the browser and still keeps the user on a single page. Our second solution for How We Win and Our Team sections was to use an expanding preview, similar to Google images. Which has a familiarity for users and also allows users to stay on the single page.



Selective responsive design
for all media sizes.

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