Expo Crunchyroll

Custom Theme

Website Development

Artkade partnered with Lindsey Creative to create the website for the world
renowned Crunchyroll Expo at San Jose Convention Center.

  • Creative Crunchyroll
  • Development Artkade
  • Client Lindsey Creative
  • Date February, 2019


Our biggest challenge was site security, ease for updating content by internal staff, and making sure all internal tracking systems were correctly firing.


We were able to customize the backed of the website to allow for easy updates by the Crunchyroll Events team. For security we only used our custom code. There is absolutely no third-party code. If we didn’t code it we didn’t use it.




Rue Le Titien 23
1000 Bruxelles




BE: +32 460 97 66 25
US: +1 812 619-4593