San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival

Custom Theme

Website Development

Artkade partnered with Basic 8 Creative. We were hired to take the design by Basic 8 Creative and build a WordPress theme for the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. A requirement was that the site would need to be easily updated by the client for this annual event.

  • Development Artkade
  • Client Basic 8 Creative
  • Services Web Development
  • Date July, 2019


Our biggest challenge was planning out an easy method for content to be updated yet maintain the esthetics of the original design. We needed to focus on the areas that would be updated by the client and figure out a simple method for their updates.


Working closely with our client, we were able to carefully outline the areas that would need to be flexible and which ones did not. Once we had that outlined we were able to create an easy and user friendly system for their updates yet still maintain a quick, and lightweight theme.




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