ShoreTel Events

Design & Custom Theme

Website Design & Development

Artkade partnered with Lindsey Creative and Tied Together Marketing to work on several ShoreTel event websites. Designed to maintain corporate standards yet be on a flexible system for maintenance and security.

  • Creative Artkade & ShoreTel
  • Development Artkade
  • Client Lindsey Creative
  • Services Web Design & Development


It is essential to create a design within corporate standards and brand rules. This maintains a cohesive story and allows the brand to gain strength and be recognized. Finding that right balance between creativity and constraints can be a challenge yet finding this balance is one we always strive to achieve.


In order to maintain the ShoreTel brand, we made sure to maintain the site structure. Also, playing with the corporate color schemes, yet keeping them within the guidelines. Allows us to create a different feel for each site all the while never straying from the guidelines.




Rue Le Titien 23
1000 Bruxelles



BE: +32 460 97 66 25
US: +1 812 619-4593