Sue Schultes
Branding // Web Design // Development & Maintenance

Artkade has worked with Sue Schultes for several years. We first met Sue when she was teamed up with Mike and together they formed Mike & Sue, real estate. When Sue needed to work on her own she called Artkade to get her a new logo and website.

Services Provided

Web Design
Development & Maintenance



One of the challenges we faced was creating a website that would be able to maintain the look and feel at all times and allow for information to be added easily. We were also challenged to make sure the website was unique, high-end, yet fun and inviting.



Our design solution for the brand was to give Sue a playful logo and a color scheme that was both sophisticated yet playful. We then designed the site to be upscale, easy to navigate and most importantly a custom listings plugin. This allowed us to customize and make it easy for Sue and team to enter new listings and maintain the look for the website.


Responsive Design

Of course we developed this website to be responsive on all devices.