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We were brought on-board to develop a new blog site. Initially the primary requirement was to match the approved Figma design. The purpose and functionality of the site later expanded to encompass much more than “just a blog site”.

As the project progressed it became apparent that the site was expanding into a resource center. Which meant more customization based on the type of content.

Flexibility and planning would be needed so the site could also offer Press Releases, Webinars, Events, Gated content in addition to being a popular blog. Due to the website’s success and Clover being an international company. It was requested that the blog site become multi-lingual.


  • Pixel perfection needed
  • Ability to expand site
  • Multi-language expansion

3. The Solutions

  • Careful fine-tuning of CSS
  • Customization to back-end system
  • Network multi-language

The new look for the Resource Center would need to match the new design and the corporate site navigation as closely as possible. If a client pays for a design then it is our job to make sure it becomes a reality, so attention to detail is essential.

Artkade, played an important part on planning out the details of how content will be added by staff. This customization can simplify how the content is added but also how it looks and functions.

Our collaboration with Clover in planning the introduction of a multi-lingual site, took several months. We settled on migrating the site from a single site to a network site, allowing for easier maintenance of the language sites.


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