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  • Development
  • Maintenance


DevCo Residential Group is the parent company to DevCo Development, Heartland Construction and HNN Management. They hired us to develop their corporate site.

DevCo went through a new brand process and requested that we work closely with the designer. To make sure their design needs were met.

They also requested the site be easy to update for their internal team. A custom backend was needed so the content could be updated and the design stay consistent.


  • Match Design Spec
  • Create animations
  • Easy Backend Functionality

3. The Solutions

  • Careful fine-tuning of CSS
  • Custom Animations
  • Custom WP backend

We worked closely with the designer to achieve the goals they envisioned.

Contributing from the developer perspective with the design team. We collaborated to help create a simple yet elegant site.

On the backend we configured the content areas that will need to be updated and maintained. In a way that will be easy to update to non-coders.


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