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1. Overview

Our initial consultation was on how best to handle the usage of custom QR codes in their new book. Which would allow readers to obtain additional gated content. Ultimately, leading to a full custom development of two websites. One site for the consulting business and the other for books.

There were two websites to build, each would have their own challenges. There would be the primary site and then a subdomain site.

We decided on using one custom template for both sites. This would require planning and review of both site designs for the one custom template. All unique content related to each site would be created as a custom plugin.

Another challenge we had was coming up with a system to create the QR code url parameters, that would be part of the various printed books. Then using those parameters to control the gated content.

Per our own high standards of matching the design from designers. We needed to take the time to carefully review and triple review so we got a near perfect match.

2. The Challenges

  • Creating gated system
  • easy back-end for content updates
  • pixel perfect MATCH DESIGN

3. The Solutions

  • Custom Template & Plugins
  • Custom Fields For Content
  • Page redirects & cookies

Complicated designs take time and lots of lines of code. Keeping that in one template is always ideal but not always possible or the right way. Finding what code should go in the template and what can be parsed out as a plugin for two different sites takes experience, something we happen to have.

With one template and some custom plugins we gave the primary site easy back-end functionality for staff updates. For the more complicated book site we gave it the gated solution the client was looking for.

We came up with a formula for the QR code parameters and based on that we were able to create a gated system that does not require login accounts and only allows access if you use the QR code and share your email address.