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1. Overview

Artkade was initially hired to maintain Broadway San Jose’s WordPress website. At a future date, the site would have a redesign and rebuild. Due to it’s “out-of-date” look and inefficient use of managing the content.

It was clear from the beginning that the power of using a Content Managing System (CMS) like WordPress was not being utilized. For example, to change a show date used to occur in multiple places, causing errors and update timing issues.

For the visuals, the website needed to be elevated, modernized and more user friendly. We would also need to make sure the rebuild followed correct SEO & ADA guidelines.

2. The challenges

  • Improve backend CMS
  • Elevate frontend
  • SEO & ADA Guidelines

3. The Solutions

  • Customized backend CMS
  • Redesign with impactful Imagery
  • improve SEO & ADA

Our specialty is being able to create a truly usable CMS that works with your content needs. The first thing we did was map out the content to the new design. Allowing us to build custom sections within WordPress just for the Broadway shows. This fixed the content management issue, which could now be updated in one spot and used throughout the website in different areas dynamically.

For the site redesign, we focused on the the impactful imagery each show offers. Delivering full size images, slideshows and clear, easy to read information of dates, times and purchasing links. Each show is now it’s own mini landing page.

Inclusively, we cleaned up page URLs and page structure to match SEO standards and made sure the site was ADA compliant.


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