Artkade offers 10+ years of experience in both print and online design to each and every client.

We assist our clients in all aspects of the design and development process. Our success is due to our deep knowledge of design, marketing and technology. This allows us to come up with solutions to a clients problems. With our expertise we can help your company achieve it’s full potential.

Artkade Services Offered


Web Design

We design for all your online needs, be it PowerPoint slides, online advertising banners, a complicated website or a simple website. Let us do the creative lifting and get you where you need to be.

Web Design Details

Development & Maintenance

Our clients demand a trusted development team to build a website or app to their specifications and using the most current technologies. We do not use a third-party, all websites are hand-coded by us.

Development Details

Print Design & Branding

Whether you need a logo or need us to develop a corporate brand, your brand will shine through in all mediums: brochures, books, advertisements, or any print project.

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We take great pride in what we do and we like to share the knowledge. We gladly consult with companies when they need another voice in the room, with knowledge of marketing and technology.

Consulting Details


If you are in need of any of these services, or are just curious about a potential project, let’s talk.




Business Interest


There are many different factors that go into our pricing; job type, timelines, job scope, technical scope etc… For those reasons we strongly encourage potential clients to contact us with full details. All pricing below is just to give you an idea, as pricing will vary based on job scope.

Marketing Package: $10,000 +
All your marketing needs created at one time, brand creation, web design, web development, and print marketing materials.

Web Design & Development: $5,000 +
Custom designed website, developed in-house, all content added, tested, basic SEO and site launch. WordPress custom coded theme.

Web Development Only: $2,800 +
In-house development of a site that already has an approved design. Can be a WordPress custom coded theme.

Brand Creation: $3,000 +
Brand creation encompasses, corporate philosophy and direction, logo, color schemes, guidelines and print standards.

General Print: $100/hourly
For one off jobs such as brochures, business cards, postcards, magazine ads, book layouts etc…

General Web Edits & Maintenance: $70/hourly
Updates to any website that does not involve major code changes, text and images edits. As well as any WordPress updates to the platform.