There are front-end developers who deal with the layout and visuals, while back-end developers deal with the functionality of a website. We do both.

Our clients demand a trusted web development team to build a website or app to their specifications and using the most current technologies. We do not use a third-party, all websites are hand-coded by us.


What We Do With A Design

Once we have a design in hand and functionality decided upon, we now move into the development phase. This means we take your design and turn it into a reality.  Now, we won’t bore you with too many details, but essentially we build your site to spec. Your future website can be a custom WordPress theme (which is what most of our clients request),  a standard website or a complete custom Content Management System (CMS). Which type of website will depend on your budget and how often you will need to update your website content and overall web management.

Don’t worry we help you when it comes to making these decisions, by listening to your needs, reviewing your budget and then setting you up with what will work best for you.



Web Maintenance or Web Management

Contrary to popular belief, websites need to be managed on an on-going basis. As technology has changed from static sites to dynamic and meta data to search engine optimization (SEO). This means that a website can longer just sit online not doing much and still be useful. For your website to get  SEO ranking or stay relevant with your competitors, or to stay secure from it getting hacked, you need to maintain it.

So what does that really mean? If you are on the WordPress (WP) platform we will first test for conflicts, then update your plugins and WP platform. If there are any update conflicts we can let you know and you can decide if you would like us to find a solution or leave things be.  We also will schedule backups of your site and the database just in case any emergency should happen. Lastly, we can migrate your website to another host at any time.

Also part of web maintenance is changing content for you, be it text or changing images. Helping you keep your website content fresh and current.


It’s time for you to hire a company that helps rather then hinders.What else do you offer? Let’s talk about print design & branding.