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1. Overview

Koshland Pharm and Artkade have worked together for many years. We have seen this business grow and nurture their brand messaging. Part of the messaging shift was to redesign their website. The new site would need to project simple, trust worthy and professional. With a specific demographic of doctors and older patients.

The new design would need to maintain the well-branded colors of Koshland Pharm. With a new focus for the website, which was the online shop and doctor webinars. Making the site much more interactive rather than just informative.

Koshland uses an internal team to make quick edits to the website. Our goal was to deliver a custom back-end experience that would be easy to update and flexible for future expansion.

The always important SEO and it was especially important for the website to be as ADA compliant as possible.

2. The Challenge

  • Full eCommerce Site
  • Customize Back-end
  • SEO and ADA Compliant

The Solutions 3.

  • Clean and simple layout
  • Easy back-end structure
  • Review code is correct

For the design we opted on a simple and clean design. This makes text easier to read and contrasts nicely with the famous “Koshland Purple”.

Back-end customization are our favorite. Coming up with how their team would be updating content allowed us to create an easy method for updating Webinars, Referrals and other well-used areas throughout the site. This keeps the website fresh and well-trafficked.

As part of our on-going maintenance we do periodic checks that all SEO and ADA standards are current.


In addition to the design and build of the Koshland Pharm website, we also work on print projects for them, maintaining their brand throughout.

Here is a small sampling of print services and digital ads.

4. Print Services

  • Design & Production
  • Postcards & posters
  • sales Sheets
  • Packaging

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